High Quality, Hand Crafted Wargame Buildings & Scenic Items
  • Blank Troop Blocks (pack of 10)


    if you’re pushed for time, new to the hobby or simply want to try out a new wargaming era, our ‘Battle Blocks’ are the ideal way to go!

    With relatively little outlay you can easily field a good sized force and simply start playing the game (and era!) of your choice.

    This pack contains 10 x blank troop blocks.

    Each block is 35mm x 20mm x 6mm and is cast in a high quality polyester resin.

    This particular set of blocks is also available to purchase with coloured blank stickers. These can easily be marked with a fine tipped permanent marker to represent any particular unit you wish.

    The second photo shows a blank block with the addition of a grey sticker and marked as ‘infantry’

    Supplied unpainted.